Accept the challenge, you could win a 2945 RSI Constellation Aquila

Join the leaner, fitter Citizens doing their part for a stronger Empire today!



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Military and Civilian fleets are under the constant threat of Vanduul and pirate attacks

Citizens must be physically prepared to face their enemies at any time. While health is its own reward, the U.E.E. believes that positive change must be acknowledged.


  • The Challenge
  • Getting Verified
  • Disclaimer

It's time to get out of that cockpit

All participants with verifiable weight loss, no matter how much, will be automatically entered in a raffle for a 2945 RSI Constellation Aquila.


"The Constellation Aquila is Roberts Space Industries’ dedicated explorer model. With a fully redesigned cockpit for maximum visibility and an onboard URSA rover, the Aquila is the ideal choice for those hong to discover new worlds."



The Slim Citizen challenge will begin on October 1st, 2014.

Important:  Registration for Slim Citizen Season 1 is now closed. 

To be eligible for this contest, you must:

    1. Accept the challenge and create an account
    2. Submit your Week 1 weight and have it verified
    3. Submit your Week 2 weight and have it verified
    4. Submit your Week 3 weight and have it verified
    5. Submit your Week 4 weight and have it verified

Citizens fit to win

By definition, U.E.E. Citizens are trustworthy and honorable. Prior to bestowing a prestigious prize such as a 2945 RSI Constellation Aquila, however, the U.E.E. must ensure that contenders are dedicated, determined and deserving.

Only Citizens who have submitted verifiable weights for all 4 weeks of the challenge and whose final result shows weight loss (regardless of the actual amount lost) will be entered in the draw.

In order to qualify for the draw, participating Citizens must:

  • Obtain the week’s password and write it on a piece of paper, along with the day’s date.
  • Take a picture of their feet and weight on the scale, next to that piece of paper.

As in the example above, the weight, password and date must be clearly visible on the picture. The picture must be rotated so the numbers on the scale are right-side up.

Listen up, Citizen!

Don't starve yourself for a ship.

Don't starve yourself for a ship in a game.

Don't starve yourself for a ship in a game that's not out yet.

There are a million ways to fake success at this challenge, but I choose to believe that you all have enough respect for your fellow Citizens to give this an honest try.

This project is not affiliated with CIG (Cloud Imperium Games) or any of its subsidiaries in any way.

I am a Citizen like you. I care about this community as much as I care about the game that is being built for us. I am buying this ship out of my own pocket to encourage my fellow Citizens to take good care of themselves, simply because I think we should all be around – and healthy – when this game is ready.

I'm here to help.  Questions, concerns: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

A winner has been picked!   Click here for the Reddit thread announcing the lucky Citizen!

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